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Online Taxi Booking Management System

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In the past few years, online cab booking industry in India has grown by leaps and bounds. E cab booking software is a technical solution which provides car rental advance reservations to those tourists who plan their trip to visit various destinations.

Taxi booking software that we design and develop at our place is a solution which provides online bookings of automobiles through the web application of organizations which offers tourism services to the users in all over the world.

Taxi booking software is a concept of communicating with the service provider and that with the driver using wireless radio technology and GPS systems, where as the location of the nearest taxi to the point of reporting is known. This concept is popular because of the minimum time taken to locate , communicate, report and distance travelled saving both running cost and time, optimum utilization of vehicles per day.

What's Included with Our Online Taxi Booking Software ?

Cab booking is the core of any website active in this industry. So, every online taxi booking website needs to be fitted with reservation software that is quick and efficient. Fields like Pickup Date & Time, City Selection, Address, and Drop location are critical.

Every cab user will not require a round trip. Neither will everyone ask for a driver. Hence, the website needs to integrate feature that helps in planning the trip as per needs. Options like one-way trip, local trip, self-drive, international trip, and out station trip are much needed.

Websites that empower online taxi bookings integrate secure payment gateways to make sure clients don’t suffer due to payment hassles. The whole payment process can also be optimized from user experience & conversion point of view to generate quicker bookings.

Social Media features allow users to connect and share the experience on websites like Facebook and Twitter.Online cab booking brands also use YouTube to increase brand awareness through interactive videos.

Cab booking sites realize the importance of mobile presence. Hence, most have mobile apps to let users select, order and book cab from smartphones and tablets. Make sure you partner with mobile application development for your app needs.

Websites that understand the unique needs of travelers also offer the option of choosing from a wide range of cars. From ordinary to luxury, the website helps in vehicle selection depending on user’s choice and budget.

Search on online taxi booking sites needs to be super quick. This feature is critical for aggregator websites so that visitors can look for cab operators as per their unique requirements.

In additional to above features, websites based on aggregator model also need features that will help cab users to compare pricing and packages from two different service providers to select the best deal.

  • Immediate Fare Quotation
  • Ability to Cancel Reservation online
  • Online Payment / Paypal
  • Responsive Taxi Fare Calculator
  • Easy Integration
  • Vehicle Pricing Setup

  • Assign Driver to Reservation
  • Assing Car to Reservation
  • Client Management
  • Google Calendar
  • Promotions
  • Corporate Accounts


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